Video texture problem

Hey everyone, im always using videos as dynamic textures on my meshes, but lately, i stopped and used still textures,

yesterday i tried to use filestream node ( cause usually filestream2 dont work for me) , and it didnt even showed me the duration of any of the .avi’s i have, this are all videos i have used before iwth vvvv

i tried with filestream2, it did read the video and was allegeldy running, when i connected it to a filetexture and to a quad, VVVV crashed, ever since i cannot load any video as a texture anymore, and if it manages to play it crashes.

Oddly enough, my 5 month old patches, Can run video and do not crash, wth?
i updated the driver to the ffdshow thing, but still no luck.

i got a small event tomorrow and i’d like to use some new videos please help.

Super odd, i opened the videotexture node’s help and now the video is working o_O …

try to switch the the ‘TextureSizeMode’ of the VideoTexture to ‘NonPow2’, this helps in most cases and has better performance…