Video sync on the same machine

Should two different video files playing on the same machine stay frame synced, regardless of videotexture reported framerates? Ie does it just drop frames and keep them frame synced?

If not, is there a way to use the new boygroup sync node to keep them locked?

hei mrboni,

by default different filstreams definitely do not run in sync. but yes, have a look at the FileStream (DShow9 Boygroup) module and see how you can tightly sync filestreams. of course this also works on one pc.

Hi Joreg,

Im trying to sync some filestreams on the same pc but i dont get how its supposed to work.
Nothing comes out the sync node.
Different instances maybe?
Can you provide some info or an example patch?

hi levi, before you try to sync videos on one machine, consider to render one video file with the videos side by side in it and display the regions on different quads.

hey tonfilm thanks,
was thinkin about it, but i need some really big resolutions and sound all arriving last minute.
would really like to avoid rendering huge videos.

instead of rendering them together you could also try elektromeier avsavijoiner