Video sync help

I’m having a bit of bother with the video sync patch staying in time. I’m new to vvvv so its probably somthing obvious so I shall outline what I’m doing.

First I put all of the videos in the same directory on the client machines as the server

I’m running the client machines first by starting vvvv with an args.txt file that contains the /client line.

I then run vvvv on the server and it has an args.txt file the /server line.

I then run the video sync server patch on the server with the correct IP’s of the client machines. This runs the video on all of the clients fine.

The problem is I have not had a chance to run the client video sync patch! How do I get the client patch to work and send back the sync information to the server?

Take care of Absolute and relative path of your videos, you must indicate an absolute path on the server (ex. C:\video)

For the syncing to work tou have to use a mjpeg codec (for exemple Lead, good and cheap), in order frames to be synced.


the clients send nothing back to the server. the server does everything. if your videos start on the clients, they have recievend their patch (which is shown in blue on the server), so all is fine.

the video codec must support small speed changes…

Thanks for the help so far.

The videos are running fine on the client machines, but they are still drifting out of sync. As per your last posts I have encoded the videos using MJPEG encoders. First of I tried the PIC Video MJPEG3 codec, and then the LEAD MCMP/MJPEG codec’s, both of these where trial copies. Should I be using the MJPEG2000 codec?

I’m rendering from after effects and the key frame box is greyed out, is this because I’m using a trial?

My test clip is a simple counter running for 40 seconds rendered at 1024 x 768 at 25 frames per second. The LEAD settings where at 90% quality, data limited to 500kb per second.

Could you recommend some settings that I can exactly replicate that I could test my system with? Are my videos to high a resolution? Are there already made test clips I can run to test my system?

Still no luck getting it to sync, I have just tried a couple of different setups and still no luck. Anyone got any other suggetions?

Maybe you can try a lower res like Pal (720x576), and ckeck all network settings (UDP broadcasting). First start the server only, play the file, then start one or two clients, and see if they are starting at the correct frame. For me it’s working fine with the lead codec. If you’re using wifi, try with wired network.


have you seen this thread?

Back again!

I have got all of the syncing working great over five PCs cheers for all of your advice.

My new problem is that I have added audio tracks to my video files and they are not playing in vvvv.

I have tried changing the settings in ffdshow to no avail, Anyone got any ideas?

Is it something that needs to be added to the patch?

i thought that i read somewhere that it is not possible to use both video and audio output from a FileStream (DShow9) simultaneous.
try two filestreams parallel - one connected video - one with audio.

sory kalle, that is not true. if you find the source of this information we should correct it. of course you can connect both AudioOut and a VideoTexture/VideoOut node to one FileStream.