Video sync boygroup VLC

there is any option to play a video file in sync on different computers with the vlc plugin? thanks people

this was in discussion, but as the clock in vlc is a bit hidden and not open for programmers, its not likely that it will happen any time soon. so you have to go with filestream for now…

thanks tonfilm, i was testing with filestream ,and at the moment im getting problems when i turn the sync on in the client computer.I need to sync 4 videos,with a duration of 45 min each one , i tried different codecs,but cannot get a good balance of performance, do you recommend mpg?
or any other format?
its better to use two graphic cards on a single computer?

@codec: picvideo mjpeg
@one computer intead of more: ok with vlc, depending on clip size & playback capabilities

if the video plays good in media player classic it will also play good in vvvv. if the synchronization does not work, it might be a problem with boygrouping and/or network…

thanks people i will test with mjpeg codec, and will tell you