Video switch + Triplehead2Go

I am going to buy a TH2go digital edition and I see there are 2 inputs a VGA and a DVI, is it possible to switch between the 2 inputs “on hot” ?
If not would that be possible to use a digital switcher before the TH2go? Do you advice any special brand?
If I ll use a switcher, will my projectors flicker or display any message kind of “found signal at vga resolution at blablabla” ?

In theory a switch could feed a continuous signal so that you don’t experience that brief transition. I spent some time looking for my 8-port vga switch and didn’t see any VGA switches in the $1000 range with such a feature so I’m sure you’d have to pay dearly for such a thing.

Be careful putting a switch before the TH2Go because it would have to support the resolution of the TH2Go and then even then I’m skeptical that it would work.

My question can also be put this way: if I unplug the input from the Matrox will I get a black screen or the usual garbage (cheap) projectors send when they don t get any input ?

"Thank you for contacting Matrox.

The TripleHead2Go requires constant EDID communication with the monitors and graphics chip inside your laptop or PC to function. This means that it cannot be “hot-swapped” and it does not work with a video switcher either.
If you did use a switcher between the TH2Go and the laptop, it would require rebooting in order to drive the resolutions you are looking for."

Any other idea? we want to connect my (vvvv) computer and another (VDMX) one to a couple of projectors and the switch has to be done during a live act in a theater so there should not be anything shown during the switch…

Like I said: you need a device AFTER the TH2Go that outputs a constant signal. For example:

This device can now be had for less than $1000 so I eat my previous assertion.

Hey Simone,
i´ve used a switcher after the 2 computers and before a matrox dualhead analog, but i don´t know if the digital triplehead could support it.


everybody take a good look at this:

Thanks everybody
another option is to tell my pals to stfu and learn vvvv and sell their macs.

Lasal the analog option seems to be a good idea, what about length for cables?
(funny enough we have a Displayport Edition but can t really use it …)

Does anybody remember that guy who s hacked a similar device to that shown in the video and was selling kits… i reckon it used an arduino inside … ?¿?¿

I believe this is what you’re looking for, io.


io, jonferran: did you actually read my links? this is the device I linked to, (at least what is available so far: only software)

toby hasn’t finished/published his mixer (and i think he never really will), so other guys have taken up the slack.

@bilderbuchi: yes i did read your links and also noticed the similarities of the devices, but I thought that Toby s mixer was already on sale.

@lasal can you confirm that the dualhead2go analog edition will accept a switcher at its input? what happens when you switch from a computer to the other? are you keeping the usb plugged into a single computer?


also, be advised that due to a frame texture limitation (longest frame dimension 2048px), this TV One 1T-C2-750 device can only switch up to 3x640x480. 2x1024x768 is possible, though.

Hey Simone,
i´ve switched the vga and the usb signal and i had a 1 second black screen on the projectors with the typical message…
15 mt cables from dualhead to the projectors, the other ones as short as posible.

this is not a clean solution, maybe the toby ones would be better.

good luck