Video recording - time stopping

Can anyone knows how to create a time buffer or something like that? I want to save the video stream if the output switch is 1, then the video is recorded by the writer, but I would like to establish a minimum time of recording, for example 15 seconds.

Second question, how can the writer set to file was not overwritten, but the filename will be changed and saved as another file,

Thanks for your help!

try this … the file name you can add a number each time you record a video, and recording using a delay(animation) node.

timestopping.v4p (10.2 kB)

Thanks very much for your help!

Video counter works great, but I have still the problem of setting the recording time if the switch receives the value 1 of a short video recording begins, and at that time, for example, 15 seconds to receive the next interrupt or a value of 1, so that exactly the video lasted 15 seconds, in my example , several consecutive values ​​of 1 to the switch will record many small files,
I would simply block others value 1 in switch for a time of recording a video,
I put part of my example, maybe will be easier to understand what I mean

Thanks for help!

Check out the Monoflop node, and learn the booleans (OR, AND) and the bangs (togedge, change).

I checked various Monoflop, change, togedge and booleans, are working properly but I can’t connect with them iobox which further sends the value 1 to the writer and recording video, I wanted to do something based on the loop, if the writer records (value 1), iobox sends at the same time the same set to 1 and turns it into 0, blocking subsequent recordings (interrupting current), but like I said I can’t directly connect monoflop whether different booleans to iobox-writer connection, could someone help me? thanks in advance!

Flipflop or Toggle and some switches would help too than.

In other news, little example patches will help us to help you.

When I hear you say loop, I guess you may need a ‘framedelay’ node somewhere.

hi! I made a small patch to make it easier to understand my problem, if the video recording, I would like to stop other functions, so that it has recorded the whole video and was not interrupted by another command, the next record, I would avoid the recording of very short video, like a simple thing, but still something does me wrong, maybe someone could help, thank you very much!

patch.v4p (25.8 kB)

“Check out the Monoflop node, and learn the booleans (OR, AND) and the bangs (togedge, change).”

TogedgeMonoflop.v4p (29.1 kB)