Video preload

Hello again,

I was hoping to be able to “preload” videos by creating a second FileSource node, and switching between the 2 nodes in order to switch quickly from 1 video to the next

Seems this is not working, because the node is inactive when it is not sent to the screen. So when I actually switch, the new video gets loaded again each time, causing a delay. (Switching at the VideoTexture level had the same effect.)

Does anyone have an idea how to keep them active, without eating to much resources (I would pause the one that isn’t playing of course). Some node-combination that would trick vvvv into thinking they are both needed?

Hi ft,

you can either set second and unused video to alpha (on quad-(dx9) best inclusive an alphatest-(ex9.renderstate))). Thus its sort of switched off aka not visible, but still remains ready to start.
Or you can plug your second video behind first video into one avi. Switching videos by use of seek pin of filestream.

Delay happens because in background there are set connections to direct video filters, which cause this delay. You can see it with renderer-(tty).


Try to search around AVI Script.

As far as I could tell,
there seems to be a very easy way to do this.

Connecting a Info node to the video-texture seems to force the FileStream node to stay active :)

try this

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Hello xd_nitro,

I don’t really see how this would work for Videos (usig the FileStream node).

If it can be done, could you give me some more info on how it should be done?

(In the meantime I was struggling with SharedMemory, to see if that could be an option, but I only see garbage, that sometimes moves for a few seconds when I reconnect a pin at this time)

have a look at attached patch

Video Preload Example (9.5 kB)

I added my solution next to yours (see attachment).

As far as I can tell, it works equally well…

Thanks for the hints.

preloadVideo-2.v4p (18.1 kB)