Video plays jerkly at 1 of 5 clients in boygroup


my boygroup contains 4 clients and server used as control pc only (no video show from the server)
i used tonfilms VideoSynch module for video synch in that boygruop and patched simple interface for that myself (see attachment – main is simple_interface.v4p – patch in progress so… some mistakes are possible)

everything is perfect exept low jerks during playback at only 1 client.
sometimes jerks start from the begining, but often from 7 to 9 minutes. it’s look like client miss several frames every 4-5 seconds.

all clients has absoulutly the same hardware (Core2Duo, 2Gb DDR2, 1Gb Asus GeForce) and software (WinXP, K-Lite and all staff need to vvvv)

all videos are about 9 minutes long, made in pal (720x576, 25fps) and coded with ffdshow mjpeg 100 quality from K-Lite Pack

i check anything about software, video codec, network and i tested it with simple patch without synch (ctrl-b filestream->videotexture->quad etc. nodes only)

i do not understand anything now :)

Anybody knows something about? Have you seen anything like that before?
thanks a lot!!!

sorry. forget to attach)) (85.3 kB)

hello, the server should play the same video (at least one with exactly the same length), because its the master sync for the clients… if there is no video running on the server, the clients have no reference time.

but it is strange, that only one client has problems. it might have something to do with the network connection…

thanks for replay!
but in case problem was very simple and stupid ))
i just miss very important thing - change 60Hz vertical rate to 75Hz exactly on that client card!!!

so, next time, i’ll be very very very very careful with system settings)