Video player stops looping (after a while)

[Gamma 5.2] A video file has been playing for as a test for over 18 hours but recently we spotted that it was longer being read.

Another video file plays on top of it if a button. It was pressed once this morning and we didn’t press the button over night. Any ideas what could’ve happened?

The video (652MB) properties:
Screenshot 2023-11-09 123359

Impossible to say. If your player is in that state, can you get it out of it with a Seek?

I’ll find out tomorrow morning. Stay tuned!

Here’s the problem in action with another installation I’m programming. It had been looping for 3 hours. The output video is an h264 mp4 at 5400x1920 and a minute long:

It happens very occasionally so its of course hard to bug test, and this is with Gamma 5.2 so it may not apply to the later versions.
I’ll try putting a managed process around the video player to check if it should be playing but is frozen, and then reset the process afterwards. An alternative would be to maybe ignore the loop and just use seek at when the video has finished playing.

Additional Info:
We do have an error this time, but what does it mean?

Which codec are you using and have you tried a different one?
Maybe also experiment with shorter keyframe intervals.

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Thanks @bjoern . My problem is that I don’t have that much control over what content they give me, but I can pass on these suggestions, if not test them thoroughly. Its unfortunate because I don’t recall seeing this issue at all, and if I did it I just thought, the app’s crashed or something similarly prosaic. I’ve built a little managed player to reset the instance of the player itself if it acts up.

Try h265, i noticed it works much better for web apps…