Video Output Trouble

The secondary output of my graphics card (nVidia GTX 295) refuses to play back a certain video. How can that be? The clip was encoded using microsoft’s mpeg4-v2 codec.
Codec issue? Alternatives?

check the nvidia video hardware acceleration and overlay function…if this still exsist. not sure if these things have something to do with this behaviour.

Looks like it’s due to the fact that the outputs are set to dual mode. Anyone out there to give me a hint on how to set a GTX 295 to span mode? Couldn’t find that option yet…

are you on XP? or Vista?

XP it is… no text …

Unfortunately you can not set a GTX 295 to span mode because it is dual GPU card (one GPU for each output).

Just for the record: Been able to set the 295 to span mode by turning off SLI and updating the drivers to latest version.

Mmh, I´ve read before that nvidia dual gpu cards are essentially “SLI on one card”.
Does turning off SLI imply that only one gpu is used and how does this affect performance?

I would say with SLI disabled, there is only one unit of 240 CPU which is running as the GTX 295 is made of 2 GT200.The 2 units work as a “real” SLI with 2 cards.

In theory it would decrease of 20%-30% the GPU performances on high calculation.

As disabling SLI gives one the option to use the second GPU for PhysX calculations I presume it’s not being used for rendering. The overall performance kept surprisingly well though.

i was thinking that in theory when you disable the SLI, each GPU should focus on the corresponding DVI output, right?

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p.s. anyone else got a gtx295?