Video output resolution

I have the following problem: how is it possible to give the renderer a fixed resolution. My problem is that I give a video in 720x576 on a quad and push it to the renderer and as a result I get a little video to, I guess the au ¼ resolution. The projector is set to 800x600 on the PC, but goes on 1024xXXX and that should not happen.

Thank you for help

Hi kut…
you can define the renderer properties via inspector.
but it’s not really clear what’s your problem.

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I sometimes try to explain it:
I have a projector with 800x600 native resolution (in this example). I would like to create a texture of 800x600 video on a quad, as it were to a full picture. My projector when I pull the renderer to it, but at 1024x??? and I lose control and thus no longer reach the best possible representation. I would like to use the renderer of the maximum of 800x600 projector.
And I’m irritated that I have a video on a texture and applying it apparently accepts any resolution.
English is not my native language, which makes it difficult to explain

thank you

you change some settings of the renderer node.

select your renderer node
press CTRL+I to bring up the inspector
select 800x600
then go full screen

You may need to go full screen first and then change to 800x600.