Video on video

hello vvvv-gurus!
i have a simple question not about how to implement, but about general idea.
i need to play a video (thats simple =)) and make appear another video playback above this background video in smaller size, so users will be able to see background and small decorated window in wich second video playback is processed.
can anyone suggest ideas for realization this idea by vvvv?
and some supporting questions: where should i dig for some fade-in, fade-out effects of video appearing? and for some nice frames around video?

thank you in advance

This is quite simple - a sample patch is attached.

If you need a nicer frame simply put a texture on the frame Quad. [(node:FileTexture (EX9.Texture)]( will help here)

yo dawg, i herd u like.v4p (13.0 kB)

oh thank you a lot! thats what i was looking for!=)) now will look for making nice frame for top video and some fade-in/out effects…
thanks again!!)

i noticed that you even put some nodes for this tasks=) thank you again =)) thats really helpful cause i haven’t found any normal documentation or tutorials for vvvv…

there are some tutorials and there is a documentation

you’re welcome :)