Video not played until its end

Hey there,

We are playing videos in our patch.
Somehow the filestream (vlc) doesn’t play the video until its end but stops a bit earlier.
the endposition that is output by the node is the right one. the video stops with a position output that is different from this endposition.
any ideas how to resolve this other than making the video longer? it would be really important.


I had something similar this week, I am almost sure it is a codec issue. Weird thing is, for me it where some .wmv files that failed to follow the correct play time. I say weird because for the old filestream codec, .wmv was recommended.

The .avi and even .mov worked perfect. So try and change the codec, see if it helps.

A request would be for the VLC fileststream would be: bang when file is played/looped.

me also to version 29.2… this works the same 28.1

sorry guys, I forgot to report my solutions.
It seems to be a ‘known issue’ of vlc player at the core of this node. They didn’t fix it for years I think.

I just added freezed frames to videos where the last frame was critical.