Video.MediaFoundation scrubbing/seeking behaviour

VL.MediaFoundation VideoPlayer Stride, Skia

seeking behaviour seems broken. no matter if the video is playing or not:

  • while seeking, the video jumps back to the last played frame
  • tested videos scrub fine in vlc

edit: This behaviour seems to be a regression from older MediaFoundation versions.
Just testet with vvvv_gamma_2021.4.0-0626-g50605b32b0 with VL.MediaFoundation 0.0.6 and there seeking works as expected.
Not sure at which version exactly the behaviour was introduced.

The video url in the test patch is not working anymore, sorry. should work.

MediaFoundation_seeking_behaviour.vl (16.2 KB)

Thanks. Fixed in VL.Video.MediaFoundation version 1.0.11.


Hey, following up on this topic because we also found some interesting behaviors on 1.0.11 with the VideoPlayer (Skia) :

  1. Can’t seek when VideoPlayer is paused
    But, it would make sense to do that on our current project.
    Think of jump to frame and scrubbar.

  2. VideoPlayer returns a null texture when you load a file without playing it.
    Actually, it would be nice if the VideoPlayer was capable of loading the first frame of the file you load, even though it is not in play.
    Or, being able to load a default image as the preview image (with an extra input pin?)

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Indeed, both issues should be fixed in 1.0.12. Regarding your last request I believe you can simply patch that with a Switch node and a comparison on the Duration for example.


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