Video mask

i would like combine different video quad to one texture.
but only parts of the quads,
like a mask effect by after effects.

thanks for your help

Check out the chroma key and luma key shaders in the gallery, they should do what you need

thanks for your hint

but what i mean, is more a geometric mask like a triangle,

i try the tringangle node, but if i conect a video texture
i got only a black screen

I think what you mean is something like a pen tool(bezier with mask) in photoshop to make a mask , as far as i know there is no such tool i think , but you can make a mask in photoshop and use as a mask with blend . is this what you mean ?

pic_mask.rar (28.4 kB)

thanks colorsound

this is exact what i mean

but what is if i combine two mask textures in a group,
the background isn`t transparent and one part is not visible

hi aperfectline , can you show a patch so i understand better what you want to do ?

hi colorsound,

this is what i want to do, combine two or three mask video texture
to one texture.

video_mask.rar (52.4 kB)

hi there , sorry dont know what you mean , have a look at shaders too , as catweasel said , i add a shader from pixelshaders for newbies in the patch , cu.

video_mask.rar (65.6 kB)

hi, sorry maybe my description was incomplete.
for that reason a short stetch.

thanks for your support.

Videomask.jpg (723.8 kB)

perhaps there is a very simple solution:

see what happens when you use the same transformation on object and texture (149.7 kB)