Video Manupulation

How do I take a video in via the filestream, transform the x/y scaling/RGB color and then output it Via the analoge out?

I need the ability to do this to send identical scalled video with color correction to other PC’s via anlogue video. Its obvious to do it with the video out going direct from the filestream but that means i would have to scale and correct the video on each other PC, im trying to avoid boygrouping also.



To transform video you can use standart video texture on quad.
not sure how to make color correction

Technicolor maybe?
It works with color-filters, maybe more accurate than modifying quad color?
If anybody know a way to modify tints separately, replace/isolate colours or have any trick to inject several colors in different areas of a video… i dream of it! :]

if you use the ‘Constant 2.0’ effect + grid instead of a quad there’s the color transform pin, which is pretty powerful for color transformation ;)

here its a simple videoplayback node i made a few days ago
you can use the color correction over a quad. check the .zip

i made this patch to control video playback from 0 - 1 withot knowing the duration of the file, you can

imput pins
*Realtime playback
*Realtime playback + phase ( value from 0 to 1 )
*Seek Playback ( from 0 to 1 )
*Reset time
*Video file source


  • videotexture ready to add to a quad
  • duration of the video in seconds

i hope you like it (796.6 kB)