Video input pin in a custom plugin

I need to create a plugin that takes a video input. Is it possible in VVVV? How can I do that? If not, are there any ways to do this using other languages? Thank you in advance.

Could this be a starter?

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Yes, I considered this as one of the options. Well, I’ll dig into it, since there are not so many others there.

image pack is indeed the right choice for CPU based video processing. use pixel shaders for GPU based video processing.

@tonfilm, can you please post the GPU link\name, if any?
@imran_d, I thought that image pack could answer all of your questions. What have we missed to mention?


beware the last DX11 pack

introduce some breaking changes for the DX11.CV nodes like AsTexture & AsImage…
also note that the VideoInputSharp for videoin (CV.Image DirectShow) is x86 only

last as mentioned in an other thread (last post)
imagepack have a bug when using the AsImage (DX11.Texture2d) + Contour (CV.Image) :

unfortunately this great pack is not up to date!

@h99 @tonfilm @circuitb
Thanks for answers. I will continue to develop my plug-in today and reply if something goes wrong.

just the normal DX11 texture fx, or do i misunderstand something?

Well, one can’t really tell what one should advise, as imran_d doesn’t give any actual detail about what he’s trying to achieve …

@tonfilm No, no, it’s me. There has been a misunderstanding by my side: since you did not mentioned dx11 in the previous post, I thought, in my great newbieness, that there could be something else.
Anyway your answer would be helpful for future readers. Thank you.

@readme I’m trying to write c# plugin which does some operations with video in real time (from webcam for example), but I don’t know how to set video input pin.

What’s “some operations”?
Can’t really tell if these said operations are really to be addressed in an actual plugin or if it’s merely a shader’s task.

@readme Finding some objects and returning their coordinates as arrays (to slices output pin), stuff like that.

Did you have a look at Freeframe nodes (available in x86)?

@h99 Yes, but I would like to use 64, so I have so far dropped the freeframe and now experimenting with imagepack.

yes, i guess the imagepack is what you need. there’s also templates available and some other nodes, that do similar things like you want to do (detect-object for example)

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