Video input from professional digital cameras

Hello guys,

I’m interested in working with realtime video capture so I’m considering what are the best options in terms of equipment.

my Idea was to buy a nice camera (like sony alpha 7s, canon 5Diii, Panasonic GH4, …) and connect it to our vvvv in order to have the best image quality and being able to manipulate the video in directX pipeline.

I’m really oriented on the sony alpha 7s due to its incredible low-light capabilities but I’m not sure if would be possible to connect it to vvvv.

Are there already vvvv nodes/pipelines for getting video signal input from any other professional camera?

thanks so much

Hdmi into a blackmagic device would do it

EDSDK Contribution for Canon Cameras works like a charm.
Nearly complete remote control over the camera.
Livewview depends on the Camera Body i guess.
My 600D outputs 1000 x 700 pixels in live view.
So maybe better body = better resolution but i dont know.
Or maybe i missed some setting…

DLSRs tend to overheat theire chip while capturing video continously.
So it might be that they shut off after a certain time, to cool down the chip.
Though, haven’t expirienced it with the VVVV contribution, yet.


Thanks guys

@sunep: Do you think would be possible to have a 4k streaming with this device:
Is there someone from the community that tried already this pipeline?
…There was a contribution for that blackmagic thingy or I’m wrong?..

@dottore, maybe. I have a feeling that @elliotwoods or @joreg would know. fullHD is definitely possible

There is project by @NEON. In the post is also mentioned Blackmagic stuff.
Maybe it could be useful.

The cool thing about the blackmagic devices is that there are low latency drivers in the image pack. Last time I was checking it out it was a bit fiddly to get to work. But that also has do with the sensitivity of the versions of the blackmagic drivers. Some of them work, others don’t.

Great project by @NEON!
Seems definitively related to the pipeline I’m looking for…
let’s see if @elliotwoods and @joreg have something to say regarding 4k streaming input methodologies…
thanks sunep! always so supporting :)

Hey dottore, how are you !
I have been using blackmagic hdmi cards for a long time, but is kind of pain in vvvv… It works like a charm on resolume, at the moment I´m using resolume to spout out texture to vvvv
I will give a try to this thing wich is the same but without resolume

And as a cheap workarround…-vlc-node-using-streaming

hei dottore, i’m afraid, i don’t have any 4k experience. we only also used blackmagic cards with fullHD before with same results as mentioned above (tricky to get working at times, but works when it works. but that was a few years ago.

lets see if @eno can say something regarding 4k…

Thanks to all.

Ok, at least seems that fullHD should work.
I’ll go for a blackmagic card 4k compatible and I’ll let you know if I’ve luck or I have to stick to fullHD (which is still good for now)

Hi there

we are using Blackmagic Micro Studio 4k Cameras with the current set of Blackmagic Nodes by Elliot @sugokuGENKI, plus a dx11 version of the videoinput node. We can eventually share this dx11 node; we haven’t done yet because it doesn’t work 100% perfect because of the problem I describe below … But all in all this works, also with multiple cameras. We are going through SDI, but capturing HDMI should also be possible with the appropriate cards; we’re using the Decklink SDI 4k cards.
There’s a limitation to HD at the moment though. The current videoIn Node of the Blackmagic Node set doesn’t list the 4k modes … I bet it’s not a big deal to add the 4k modes. The original BM capture software offers the 4k modes.
The other thing is that the c# wrapper that Blackmagic offers for their c++ library is cueing uo frames somewhere without really telling you. We’ve grown some grey hair over that problem already. This is introducing an uncertain delay of some frames, unless you can flsuh the pipeline during runteime and make sure your v4 framerate doesn’t drop below the video framerate; or move capturing to a separate instance.

Thanks so much eno for the ehxaustive details; I’ll probably go for a similar setup then…

…that dx11 videoIn node would be definitively a great contribution in dx11 panorama, even if not perfectly working… still something to start from! :)