Video filename with incrementing number in it

hi all :)
so what i want to do is when i press the button (id 9) my live video is saved to a .avi file, and every time the video is saved i want this file to be named with incremented number.

  1. Is there any Add node which can join string and integer into one string? / e.g. in my case it’s (id 6)+(id 4)+(id 5)=(id 3) / so I could have incrementation in file name every time i press my button.

  2. another thing: when i press my button (id 9) i want it release itself when capture time reaches 30 seconds (i use counter block (id 11) for that)

please let me know if there is more elegant way to make this work:

(hope it’s readable, in case i atach the patch)


growing-filename.v4p (11.5 kB)

hi jimmi,

  1. perhaps you better convert the value to a string e.g. with AsString (Value) or FormatValue (String) . also very handsome with those nodes comes Pad (String) .
    you know that you can add input pins to + (String) within the Inspektor (VVVV) .

  2. don’t get exactly what you think of. but look at MonoFlop (Animation) . i can imagine that node helps you.

btw. how did you make that shot with 7 tooltips in it?


btw. how did you make that shot with 7 tooltips in it?
nothing special :) i copy pasted into seven layers in photoshop

thanks for your tips I’m gonna check it out in few minutes…

this one works very nice, thanks a lot