Video coded for variable framerate


what video codec do you recommend for variable bitrates? I need to trigger the speed of the video… from 1 f/s to 60 f/s

for smaller sequences I’ve done so far with a image sequenz, looks great, but in this setup the videosequenz is about 3 minutes in HD.


do you mean variable frame rate or variable bitrate?

framerate! i want to controll the spped of the video. i think mp4 or other streaming codecs will not funktion well.

no, then you need a codec that support speed change. I use picvideo motion jpg, that works really well for that

ok, i try the motion jpeg codec in an avi container.


if I change the video speed continuously, the video stops, while changing the speed. only when I leave the video running at constant speed, the video will start again.

any suggestions? help! other container? codec?


perhaps you can make an example patch.

ok, without the 1 GB videofile. (1.2 kB)

I did a test openframeworks. the videoplayer is based on quicktime, the speedchange is very smooth, nothing jerky

maybe it works better with another container? I test it tomorrow.