Video Capture

Any recommendation for a video capture card (external, it is for a laptop) that works on vvvv? Price is the main issue, and the source is SD, so I dont really need HD capture.



I use a Pinnacle Dazzle USB interface for a club installation. Has been pretty darn reliable so far, can pick one up for under $50.

do you have usb3?

i bought this one. quality is quite ok and there is no remarkable delay:

there is also another one with usb…

Anyone try this?

Wow, thanks for all the answers!

Ys, I do have usb 3.0 - The black magic Intensity mentioned by gilbi sounds really interesting, but this is just an experiment, so I want to keep costs down (by the way, does anyone has used it on vvvv?)

Jonferran, does VVVV recognize the Dazzle USB as a videoIn or you are using the Screenshot (EX9.Texture) method?


The dazzle shows up in the videoin, and it switches between s-video and composite inputs just fine.

I would be cautious about the blackmagic intensity USB version. I have read many many reviews that say it wouldn’t work with their USB 3.0 card or motherboard. I know it doesn’t work with usb 3.0 expressCard adapters. I think there are very few laptops, if any, that it works with.


anyone happen to know if it works on a dell xps 15?

the intensity shuttle only works with a certain motherboard chipset, as they say (a bit hidden) on the homepage.


No the intensity shuttle doe NOT work w. dell XPS 15


cheap and sd? try an easycap. less than 10 bucks w/ worldwide shipping is hard to beat, and yes, it works in v4 (i have one) :)

My easycap doesn’t works with videoin, which way way to make it works dEp ?