Very sneaky bug with spread manipulation in Channels


I found the problem and I am investigating it, but I don’t understand what is going on


it’s happening when I’m removing an element



GlobalChannelsPathIssue.vl (52.8 KB)

Actually problem is not in Path but in design itself.
Can anyone explain where bug is?

It happens when I change Path to String in original patch:

but I have this in modified illustration


GlobalChannelsIssue.vl (50.5 KB)

After a few days of testing and experimenting, I realized that the only way to avoid this error is to make the array mutable (SpreadBuilder). But then it is no longer possible to get the value via Select (by path) and also there is a problem with “change” of the root object


GlobalChannelsPathIssue3_2.vl (24.1 KB)

Also, it seems that if you exclude ImGui, the problem disappears by itself

GlobalChannelsPathIssue3_3.vl (26.0 KB)

By digging everything out very carefully, disconnecting until the error appears, I found that the problem is somewhere in here. If I disconnect it, the problem does not occur.

GlobalChannelsPathIssue3_4.vl (44.4 KB)

I think, related:


suddenly can’t convert

used my “library”

Thanks. The culprit was the Select (ByPath Dynamic) node. It was injecting a value of type object which in turn lead to the above cast exception. New behavior is to ignore the push should the given path no longer be valid which was the case in your example: after deleting slice X, the path “Files[X]” was no longer valid and therefor the internally made-up channel failed to connect.

Fixed in upcoming previews.

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