Vertigo and my Cam

Any tips on how i could fit the fov of the vertigo-node (or perhaps “perspective” instead)to my cameras focal length?

I have a bunch of photos which are all taken with a fixed focus 35mm lens on a Canon 400d SLR. The sensor is 1/1.6 of a standard 35mm- Cam, so it would be 56mm aka. nearly normal.

My problem is i don´t know, what this 56mm would be in vvvv-“0 to 1”-scale.

Any help?

Cheers, Chris

wikipedia… FOV says it 32.072 degree (of 1=180 or 360 i guess)

Yeah right… thx.

But the Problem is more likely the thing you mention in
brackets. What does “1” mean (related to the value at the fov- pin?)

guess it gonna be 1=360 or 1=180… But more like 360…

After some further try/error/google I for myself guess it´s 1 = 360 and the fov- value is the diagonal fov as calculated here:

As the pictures are 3:2 like the calculator demands i get a value of 0.117222
which seems to be the right one.

This is equal to 42.2 degree btw.

Can anyone confirm, that it´s the diagonal fov?

well i checked on vray cam:
fov getting calculated from
film gate (mm)
focal length (mm)
so from 35 mm focal length your film gate must be 27 mm so you get 42.167 fov here…

FOV in vvvvs transform nodes ( Perspective (Tranform), Vertigo (Transform) ) always refers to the angle between left and right planes of that “perspective pyramid”. Note that it is also the angle between top and bottom planes, since there is no aspect ratio involved in the those nodes.

It is not about the diagonal however…
and yes:
1 vvvv angle = 1 cycle = 1 Tau = 2 Pi = 360 degree.

things to take care of:
When combining the perspective nodes with aspect ratio nodes you should keep the unifrom scale at 1.0. now it depends on the alignment node which angle (width or height) stays and which angle varies…

in your link the “Focal length multiplier” is quite fuzzy. approximately 1.5-1.6. it’s a pain that focal length ever got a measurement of angles.