VertexBuffer join advanced & tangents/binormals

I need to access a vertex buffer in my patch, and I need to keep the tangent and binormal data when it is stitched up again.

I can’t seem to get VertexBuffer (EX9.Geometry Join Advanced) to work as expected though (as in at all).

Can someone tell me what I am doing wrong?

Striped down patch attached.

VertexBuffer_TBN.v4p (16.9 kB)

oui, thats not so obvious obviously. together with VertexBuffer (EX9.Geometry Join Advanced) you always have to use Mesh (EX9.Geometry Join VVVV). that’ll do.

Ah thanks! could have sworn I’d done the same thing in the past so figured most overlooking something like that. Fixed patch in case anyone comes across later. The mesh(vvvv) guy does not like being connected to a vertex declaration but I checked and it’s definitely all there now.

VertexBuffer_TBN-1.v4p (17.2 kB)