Vertex Color from mesh in PBR Material - Stride / Fuse

Hey there,
ive been trying to get VertexColor from some low poly meshes in fuse and regular stride working but it just wont work for me.

Inside the Stride editor this can be easily achived by selecting “Color Vertex Stream” as a Difuse map.

Im currently not sure what would be the correct semantic here ( Color, COLOR - something else) in a drawshader in Fuse it works fine when i use “Color” as semantic

Any hints if this can be done from the shader side of things or if some implementation inside the Stride material nodes is missing ( Vertex Stream ? )

Would be great if someone could get this help patch working in stride and/or fuse. (471.0 KB)
Warning: depending on semantic used it might crash vl.

fyi: looks like there are some issues with vertex color “mapping” issues, no idea if this is related Render mesh using vertex color - Graphics - Stride Forums

Work around is loading the stride project in vl:

but this wont give you access to the Material , or the Mesh ( crashes when connecting “get meshes” to AssetModel. So this wont really work for me in this case.