Vertex Buffer Point size

Sometimes it works, sometimes it has no effect?!?
The flower patch for example doesnt work


are you referring to this thread?

can you provide 2 simple patches. one that works and one that doesn’t?

Just playing again, I’ve had it working, but now I try again I havent managed to get it to work yet. Dynamic mesh Tornado, for example doesnt work either.
Vertex buffer split gives a null output when vertex point size is enabled, is this something to do with it?


Heres an examnple, if you enbable vertex point size in the split node it ouputs a null as well

Cat mesh.v4p (5.8 kB)

mm on a short view i see that your patch works when replacing the gourauddirectional with a flatdirectional (which is maybe enough in that casE?!).

not sure why though…maybe there is a renderstate missing in the gouraudshader…the flats are in fixedfunction which means that they are being delt with differently internally.


ah. and the null output of the vertexbuffersplit is correct. when there is now pointsize info in the vertexbuffer the output is null.

Ahh mybe thts why it worked then didnt when I treid again!