Vertex buffer from collada animation

hi everyone

i managed to get my collada animation inside vvvv.
but so far the animation only works with the skinning effects node like in the example.
is there any way to get a vertex buffer back out of the animation.
i wanna link objects back to each vertex of the animation…

thx, for any advice,

Mesh (EX9.Geometry Split)
VertexBuffer (EX9.Geometry Split)
should do so

so - maybe i got smth wrong about the collada animation integration. but as far as i understand you need (like in any 3d package) to skin the bones with mesh in order to animate the mesh!?
with mesh and vertexbuffer attached to the collada mesh node(see screenshot)
i get the meshvertices like with any .x file mesh. but just the static mesh without the animation. correct?
and i don’t know a method to decompose the layer information from the skinning node to extract the mesh again!


not sure if i understand you correct you want to use vertex animation from 3d package?
note collada will output transform animation and not a vertex animation
for vertex animation u need a series of x-files rightnow or a pointacash plugin

hi antokhio

i don’t wanna use a vertex animation - i was hoping to be able to access the vertex information from a mesh in a collada animation.

Are you wanting to use skinning though? A collada can be animated (in PSR only) without, but if you use need to use gpu skinning you will not be able to access the results downstream in your patch. I could be wrong but I think the only way to use it after that point would be directly in a shader.

hi everyoneishappy!

sorry if i have to ask - PSR?

yea that’s true, but you might be able to decompose skeleton

Position Scale Rotation.

after a couple hours of research and playing it seems like antokhio is right and the only possibility so far is to morph .x files to be able to keep the vertex information for postproduction.


Sorry to re-surface this, I am trying to bring in vvvv vertex animation (blendshape from maya).

Antokhio mentioned something about a series of x-files or a pointash plugin?

Would it be possible to get some more info/help on this?



basic idea is to export a mesh for each frame. So same basic concept, possibilities and limitations as using a picture stack, but for your mesh.

Just feed in the whole spread of xfiles and getslice as appropriate. I imagine the advantage of using a plugin would be mainly in optimisation. Depending on the complexity of your model you will add up memory very quickly.

Got it.

Anyone got any experience in exporting from maya to .x?

I am trying the cvexporter, which exports individual frames correctly, any idea how to do a batch export of all the frames?