Vertex buffer - Bug or not bug?

Hi vvvv team,

When I open VertexBuffer(EX9.Geometry Join) help patch with v4 beta25.1 I get a nice square with 4 colors.

When I open the same help patch with beta27.1 I get a red square only. It seems that color pin is no spreadable anymore ?

Thanks by advance for your help.

Hi vvvvusers,

Does anyone has the same problem ? Is it a bug or is there some new option I missed?


I have the same problem.

Hello rogerlette,

Seems to be a bug, it works fine also in V4 27.0 but takes only the first color in V4 27.1.

Ok thanks, so I must wait for vvvv angels to solve the problem :)

Hi vvvv team,

Just : Thank you very much, for fixing the bug in vvvv 27.2 release !