Vector Maths - Scale from objects center

Hello VVVVers,

I’ve got a question, which should be easy for most of you. Since I’m not good in maths, and I couldn’t find anything with the search-function, I need need your help.

I’m tracking a blob with countours, and retrieving it’s contours. Them I’m resampling to have a few less points to deal with. Next I would want to uniformly move these points away from the blobs center. That’s the part I don’t know, how to do.

If I just multiply the points by a factor, they get scaled away from the center of the coordinate system. How can I define that center to be the center of the blob?

Thanks in advance,


Edit: You can see the patch in this thread

i am having a module in the works that sounds like it could help. right now this is 2d only, but look inside and you can easily adapt to 3d i guess. (3.0 kB)

Thanks Joreg, you svae the day!

i would love to know it too, but here are some red nodes.
is it like that?

for this patch to work, you need beta31.2 to have the swizzle nodes

a spreadable version of factor pin would be nice ;D