VAudio: Fraps does not record audio. Configuring Asio4All did not succeed

Hello everybody. had previously used the DirectShow filestream in my patches. since I only patching in dx11 this is impractical. furthermore: fascinating possibilities. Asio4all and LoopBe1 have been installed for a long time. did a test and replaced the DirectShow filestream with that of VAudio. all good. but Fraps does not record any soundtrack! tried Asio4Allzu configure: without success. mangosh’s “IzpiIbiltzen” is in my pack folder. also runs under VAudio. there is the sound taken from Fraps. that´s confusing. there must be a solution. can someone help me? thanks

sounds odd that you can record the audio from one patch but not from another. does it work if you copy the vvvvaudio_broh.v4p patch into your patch and play the music from there?

I’ve only managed to record audio with vaudio through open broadcast studio, fraps has never worked for me

only one application can access your asio4all driver at a time.

i dont know how it works exactly internally but i have used it enough to tell its not possible to record it with fraps.

Only programs that can handle asio well can record it.

with rewire for example you should be able to record the sound in ableton.

also good to know that it works with obs, as catweasel pointed out.

Everything does not sound very good. clearly could copy broh’s audio part. But then I still do not know why it does not work for me. general problems with fraps and v-audio? yes, crap i like fraps. I also have obs. but I miss the frames per second indicator. thanks for the information.

use voicemeeter banana, it offers virtual audio cables and asio drivers. 2 asio drivers for the 2 virtual IO channels and one insert asio driver to effect or reroute on all its audio channels (which there’s 22 of: 2 x 3 device input + 8 x 2 virtual IO). in this case you can mix together the 2 asio results with a 3rd software which does the rerouting and the mixing on the insert asio. for more complex situations check out Jack for Windows.

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or more simple for just recording audio from one vvvv use a single voicemeeter asio then just open the corresponding audio input in fraps.
then throw fraps in the garbage and use OBS

I have to laugh. because of your last suggestion. fraps is probably not very popular! Well, until now I was satisfied. minimal effort, 60 frames per second and huge files in best quality. if cpu + gpu join. but thanks microdee. test obs and a framecounter I can also show by vvvv.

I used obs until now only for “video extracts / citations”. Recording in the highest quality? But then there are already fraps - like datasets.

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