Variable thickness wireframe shader based on distance from the edges on face

Hi, would it be possible to make variable thickness wireframe shader in stride - I think I just need color without shading. I would like to have just 2 colors - color of the model and color of the wire.

I found some examples but everything I could find is for unity, and I am not sure if its usable in Stride as well, especially since Unity shaders are a bit different.

I found these two techniques:

Each creates coordinates on faces that can measure distance from edge to center, then you just set color by the distance from the edge. I would appreciate any advice or resources how could I port this to Stride, Thanks!

here’s a quick adaption of the catlikecoding example: (6.5 KB)

however, in this example the wireframe always has the same thickness, independent of the distance to the camera. would be nice to have something behaving more natural…