Variable input number at user's node?


is it possible to have the “input count”-option in self-build nodes?

For example I have several .x-files and the logic further in the patch needs to be applied to every single object (one per file). But the number of objects (and with that the number of .x-files) should be changeable. I thought about variable numbers of inputs to connect a XFile-node to each of them. With every created input pin the logic part should be duplicated and… I think, you know what I mean. How to do that?

I wanted to figure out by myself but I don’t know how to watch into the logic of the e.g. Add (Value)-node to immitate the necessary “things” (code I think).

could imagine doing it with SetPatch. copy all the nodes & links out of the xml. assign new ids and rename the descriptive name of the input…