Value tracker and value transform


I see the X and Y values ​​of kcf tracker ranging from 0 to 640 for X and from 0 to 480 for Y. This is surely values ​​in pixel format. However I would like to know how I will be able to translate these values ​​from 0 to 640 on to go on values ​​between -1 and 1 (node ​​transform 2d in vvvv) I tried to divide by 1000 but I cannot go in negative values (-1 on transform)
Thank you for your help.

you’re looking for the nodes called Map (Value) or MapRange (Value) in vvvv beta. both do essentially the same thing, they are only parametrized differently. please check their helppatches to see which one suits you better.


Thanks a lot !