Value to Timecode

I’m trying to find a way to convert a value to a kind of TimeCode, without success. I’ve tried with Divide(complex), but have only minutes results. Is there a way to obtain Hour:Minutes:seconds:frames ?
thx for help


All the Astronmy nodes are based on days, for me that is a rather large unit to work with, so I patched something that just combines multiple counters, only not sure what you mean with ‘frames’.

But if you mean something like rendered frames you need to set the mainloop to a steady low speed.

LFO2Time.v4p (12.5 kB)

Thx West for the patch, very helpful for me. By frames I meant a kind of SMTPE TimeCode frames like 01:15:30:14 last two digits are frames (0 to 25 for PAL).
Good start for me with your patch, I modify it for suiting, thx again.


In fact I can’t get it, I don’t figure out how to generate this time code from a filestream position value; except for minutes using divide and frac. Any idea for transforming position value to time ?


Well, you have TIME in SECONDS from the filestream…

So… how many seconds are there in 1 minute??
And how many are there in 1 hour??
How many frames do you have every second??

timetrty.v4p (13.3 kB)

I feel a little bit ridiculous, quite new to vvvv and sometimes hard for me to understand nodes and operators (sleeping too much in maths courses long time ago). Anyway, it was very helpul for understanding, thanks very much