Value storing

Hi there :)

here is a little (and probably silly) problem I have.
I’m trying to store values (from 1 IObox with 10 slices for example) and “output” it when I want.

I think there must be a very simple way to do it, but I didn’t find it out (or find the right node), I’ve tried with Queue or Sequencer (and also with the kalle’s modified sequencer) but didn’t get was I wanted.

here is concretly what I’m trying to do :

I got an Iobox with 5 slices with different values on each, those values came from a bezierLine I’m drawing, so when it’s finished I would like to keep the values even if I clear the renderer (for example to keep points XY even if points are erased).

If somebody has an Idea; please tell me ^^

S+H … no text …

prefect ! as simple as I wondered.

thanks dude ^^