Value node help?

is there a value node where you put any value (input) and in the ouput goes a value from x to y and get back to x (like -3 to 5 and then go back to -3)

Map (Value) set to mirror.

MapMirror.v4p (11.2 kB)

ok west, thank you very much for your help.

i had to work hard to understand how the values that come out from the trautner, would be transformed in the values that i want to move the quad in the right direction and the map value (with mirror) helped a lot.

Do you know if is there another value node or any node similar to get this job done ?

anyway … thank you ver much.

Well, if you can create some kind off simulation that emulates the values you get and what you need as output, sure we can cook up something.

Perhaps you need some kind of filter, look at “compare filters.v4p” in girlpower, to make your values go a bit more smooth. Than look at the Angles in 2D tutorial, to understand what the “cyclic” pin does on Damper, Linearfilter etc… combine those with a Map node and you get something very powerful.

i will check the angles in 2d tutorial … the filters i am kind of using already (but this help patch will be good too) .

Right now, i am looking for way to get my patch more simple, seeing that each quad gets its own line of nodes (too long), i am trying to use the getspread and setspread nodes (i am folowing the help patches of this two nodes) combined with the linearspread but had no sucess so far.

i am attaching the patch …

by the way … thank you again west.

mask.bmp (98.8 kB)

the patch… no text …

quads moving.v4p (43.7 kB)

Still no idea what you are trying to do here (don’t have a camera, and if I did, no idea where to aim it)

But, see attached patch for second part of your Q.

And as always… learn your spreads!!

Read here and here

MoveQuads2.v4p (17.7 kB)

ok … i will study the patch you send me and see if i missed something in those tutorials you point me.

i am trying to get something similar :

thanks for the time

Wow, that looked pretty nice, I would go for the attractor node, not sure what to use to get a decent Camera input, not my strongest vvvv-thingy ;) Attached is what I mean, needs a lot off tweaking, just to illustrate.

attractor_poc.v4p (11.8 kB)

it works pretty nice with the contour … i have to say : you really save my week … i hope i can figure out a way to deal with false blobs … but till now it is as good as it gets.