Value inspection

hello all,

this is something I’ve always had an issue with and never really understood the logic behind.

in this specific case, I’m patching a deserializer and I would like to check “live” what the XPath nodes are returning. unfortunately, when hovering the outputs of those nodes in the operation, the tooltip shows nothing, like if it was not running.


this is 2021.4.5

same behavior occurs even if I right click this DeserializeImageAsset node and click Open to “tell” the system which instance of the node I want to look into (I thought at some point this would work?)

is it the intended behavior? I’m sure I saw this working before. if so, what’s the rationale, and how should one approach this situation?

thanks in advance!

I think the values are displayed again, if you patch in the operation. Just add an iobox to one of the output pins for example.

Can you verify that observation?

hey sebl,

sadly nope, that does not change anything. see here : Image Id should output something, but it does not :


Did you just patch or change the operation and does the issue also persist after restarting vvvv?

hey bjoern, nope, deleting and recreating the operation did not do anything, but quitting vvvv did. thanks for the suggestion!

Ok I think I’ve encountered the same issue then. Also something similar happened when duplicating a Process node and then renaming the duplicate.

Ah, thanks for the context. I actually started patching this operation in the Definitions and then cut/pasted it in the Application patch to monitor the values, so that might be related.

Thanks for the pointer. The culprit was that the debug flag on those operations wasn’t enabled in case the containing patch had it set already. So it somehow was depending on the order when you added a definition to a canvas. In any case, should be fixed in upcoming builds.


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