Value-Filternodes as static spreads

For NRT rendering and for pre-computing transitions between values (for camera paths etc.), I’d like to be able to use the value filter nodes to generate static spreads, instead of recording their output to a list and read from this.

The proposed node Damper (Value Static) for example would have the inputs

  • values
  • times
  • time resolution

the output would be a spread with spreadcount Timen/Time Resolution

The question is if the code for the filter nodes (Damper, Oscillator, Newton etc.) is available somewhere, so I could write these as plugins?



hi eno, was working on something like this last week… contact me.

hi eno,

i understand that you want to go for a plugin.
but i couldn’t resist to try patching something the oldschool way.
nevertheless here an experimental patch for your consideration.

but did i get the basic idea right?

anyway this patch proves some things i already knew/assumed:

*Time of MonoFlop (Animation) (in Raw or Filtered Mode) is not even close precise
and is massively affected by interaction with vvvv’s GUI.
(yesyes, i know the reasons for not using that GUI…)

RecordMyFilter.v4p (483.5 kB)

hey kalle, yes, this is what I’d been talking about and how I worked before.
But to design the curves / the spread it is very unhandy to always wait until it recorded all frames. Thus I’d want to calculate everything in one frame.

Tonfilm - I’ll be in touch later today.