V4p dissapears

I’ve had this before, occasionally, vvvv wont save, ctl+s or from the menu, shows an error when you close it, then reopening the project simply doesnt exist, there is only the backup, which in this case seems to be a lot older than I was expecting so I presume it hadnt been saving for longer than I thought!
It seems to happen more when using fx files, in this case gourand point + a 3x3 template with some minor adjustments (float rgba added)


Hmm. Difficult to reproduce. Anything on the Renderer (TTY)?

Well only noticed this morning with this one, when my project wasnt there!
When the project doesnt save anymore, you usually cant add new nodes, tthey simply dont appear when you create them, but next time I’ll try!

jeahjeah. this is the “loch ness” bug everybody is complaining about but nobody was ever able to reproduce. if anybody can provide a stepbystep tutorial to reproduce it, we will fix it.

I just found this thread while searching for a solution for this annoying bug. Any experiences how to avoid this?

I found out that sometimes even the xml files which not dissapeared are broken, but adding a
{/PATCH} (with correct brackets)
in the last line help to get it working with just losing some nodes.

I’m not quite sure if this is the same bug, but if have a patch which simply won’t open again, i could only restore parts of it by copying parts of the xml files. I attached the patch which is a modification of the arduino + firmta patch done by MrBenefit. Anyhow, the same problem happend to me several times while working on this patch, i just saved a new version which would not reopen!

When doubleclicking, only the a new patch opens, no error messages, no nothing

I now only uploaded the patch without the modules but if needed, i can upload the modules as well…

I think i also have other patches with the same problem, if this would help… just tell me and i’ll upload all the broken patches I still have…

jakob vranz

Arduino3.v4p (49.7 kB)

halo jakob. this bug is not related but also nasty. it occurs mostly when using an RS232 node. vvvv sometimes saves characters in the file which cannot be read by itsself later on and simple stops loading the patch.

i just implemented a better error-handling (for >=beta13) for those cases. now you’ll get an errormessage indicating the linenumber in the .v4p file that has the problem. then you can at least fix the file manually (until we have a better idea).

note that you’ll see the error-message only in an opened Renderer TTY. because popup-error-dialogs stink. even now the ttyrenderer already tells you that a parser-error occured.

attached is a version of your patch you should be able to open.

the quest for lochness is still open!

Arduino3-fixed.v4p (49.7 kB)


I opened the file with an editor and copied the most important nodes to a new patch, that how I outmaneuvered the parsing error, but still good to know where the bug is coming from.

so, danke and good luck on the quest for the lochness bug…