V4 scenegraph

Hi all!

Im trying to make a 3d scenegraph for vvvv. I mean a text file that contains transformation, texturefilename, modelfilename and so on for specific models. I need this to be able to reproduce complete scenes made in 3dmax.
I wrote an exporter in maxscript, but cant decide what format would be best for such a scenegraph.I tried xml (like x3d) but parsing in vvvv with regexp seems not the right thing.

Do you have any suggestions considering the format, parsing or the whole scenegraph thing?
Please tell me your ideas about this.
Attached is a sample xml.



scenegraph.xml (658 Bytes)

great idee !
look at the XPath(xml) node , that should be perfect for the job. see the help file…

yepp seems like this side of task solved thx