V4 in windows kiosk mode

Hola a todos,
is possible make a windows app of v4 in order to call our custom software ( made in v4) in windows kiosk mode?

Here the idea of this feature http://www.howtogeek.com/173562/how-to-easily-put-a-windows-pc-into-kiosk-mode-with-assigned-access/



If you can work with 32bit version of vvvv, then you can use Styx (Windows) in vvvv to lock down windows.

to devvvvs: any chance of getting this to work in 64bit versions?

The assigned access looks pretty useful tbh, does it need to be an app, or is it any program that can be run?

At the top it states that “You can choose an account to have access to only one windows store app”

wouldn’t it need to to be a windows store app, which vvvv is not?

That Styx node is pretty awesome…I didn’t know about it…thanks Sunep

taskkill /im explorer.exe /f
put that in to bat file, use shellexecute to run bat

NIce, hadn’t thought about killing explorer :D

You don’t need to kill Explorer. You can run vvvv as Explorer using gpedit.

I find this software