V4 blocks Shutdown


Im trying to establish a reboot at a certain time/day. I tried with shutdown node as well as PsShutdown.exe from Windows.
Works good as long as there was no change at the patch (the little asterik at top bar). If there have been changes, I cant shutdown/reboot my PC.
-Apparently, V4 blocks the termination call somehow. Is there a way of forcing it not to block?
-Or how do you guys get a reboot done?

A side question: Does this patch change thing happen when you just run the patch (starting by autostart)? Im not too sure how a change is been interpreted. I mean is a change in an IO-box, like some numbers different than before, a change in terms of patch is changed?

try this one. does a “brute force” shutdown

Shutdown (System).v4p (6.6 kB)

maybe you like this one too.

DoQuit (VVVV and don’t ask).zip (2.4 kB)

I like both ;D
Thanks a lot.

Okay, its still not sufficent. It works if everything with V4 is fine.
What happens when V4 itself hang up?
Actually I do the reboot, because of V4 - there is nothing else running. But V4 always blocks a shutdown.
Does someone of the devs has got a solution for this? A forced shutdown even if V4 crashs?

Does vvvv crash during patching? That can happen, it shouldn’t crash on running a patch (for me it never does), do you have any special stuff running when it crashes, or big spread-counts (10k slices is big) or other special system needy nodes?

No, actually it doesnt chrash. Occasionally, it just hungs up if I try to reboot my system at night. And server only, both clients acts as expected.

V4 (serverPC) is still active (visible in taskbar), but closed before (not visible in windows desktop). This occurs sometimes too, if I close it manually.

hi anyone,

The power button doesn’t work to shutdown the computer when vvvv is running .The problem is still no solved.

A new approach, still strungling with this from time to time ;D
Ähm, for the problem of not being able to shutdown V4 for sure. This approach forces it to shut down (again), as windows shutdown.exe,kill.exe and pskill.exe doesnt work reliable.

Download this killprocess tool and and install it to c:\ path. Open notepad and type in

c:\killprocess.exe /K vvvv.exe

and name it killV4.cmd and save it to c:\ path either.

Seems to work for me. Sometimes a error of Killprocess tool pops up, but still closes V4.
Anybody willing to test it as well?

killProcess2 (Windows).v4p (2.7 kB)

I managed to get vvvv to close down with the press of the power button. It not the most fool proof method but works. When you press the power button vvvv become active. If you have a OnActivate Node send a bang to the Shutdown node then it does shut the computer down. You have to put a counter in the process to count the number of OnActivate bangs you want to count before it closes down because otherwise it closes the computer down when you start the patch!

If you want an example patch let me know but I’m on a computer at the momement without vvvv

Mmmh, thanks. But Im not sure if I can take it…
I was / or still am looking for a way to reboot V4-PC in a permanent installation at night in a reliable way. You see, I cant press the power button every night.
As far as I recognized, sometimes V4 blocks every shutdown command and tool Ive been using. And somehow its been more unreliable if its running in boygrouping mode.
Thanks for answering anyway

mine closes down reliably every time using the shutdown node. I found I had to use ‘harshness to other apps’ as force to reliably do it.

can’t you do a shutdown.exe -r, then when vvvv gets the focus and it blocks the shutdown, use the OnActivate Node>Shutdown method I’ve talked about?

I … am looking for a way to reboot V4-PC in a permanent installation at night in a reliable way.

only for curiosity: for what reason? do you have a memoryleak?

As far as I recognized, sometimes V4 blocks every shutdown command and tool Ive been using

amongst other projects i use the Shutdown (System).v4p (based on this project)-)-in-((kalle.Glass-Cube) successful.
shutdown command comes from a contact controlled via EIB/KNX.
wakeup by simply switching the 230V power supply on.
BIOS option: “Always PowerOn after Powerfailure”

make sure that your is at least down for 30 seconds before poweron.


only for curiosity: for what reason? do you have a memoryleak?

Yes and no. Not a memoryleak for sure, but to be secure. Its a huge video been shown around 20gb. Actually there was one with filestream, Im using PICvideo as well and its V20 in boygrouping mode. Being on safe side…

Im using your Shutdown-Patch (thanks btw) but very rarely its still doesnt shutdown windows. Hangs with black screen, no mouse, no keyboard, something between bios and windows. So, computers are plugged to a timeswitch as well. For power off amd later power on/wake up. So, that works. But having a pure and confident software solution for next project would be lovely.

Oh sorry, know I see the way. So, second active V4 windows starts shutdown, right? And it worsk good… Mmmh, the problem with that solution is me ;) Im seeing me, doing maintenance and wondering why V4 shuts down when Im touching it. And after hours digging deep Im stressed. Im keeping it in mind for next project and will build in a Frank-Reminder-Popup-Thing.

problem is me

yeah I have the same with mine. I setup a keypress to enable the autoshutdown OnActivate solution so when I want to work on the patch I just have to remember to disable the shutdown with a keypress first. Then I just enable it and save the patch when done.

@kalle. your shutdown solution seems to fail if vvvv isn’t the active application in windows. I’ve also seen it fail when vvvv is active. Is this maybe a bug only in recent versions of vvvv if it worked on you project?

Anyone know why does vvvv blocks the shutdown anyway?

  • Anyone know why does vvvv blocks the shutdown anyway?
    i’ve had a quick look into this and i am afraid it is nothing obvious. it is also a bit nasty to debug…so i can only say we are aware of the problem and it is on our list…

i am pretty sure that this phenomenon results from bugs in the code of individual nodes or their supporting libraries and drivers. so its not a general (even desirable) behaviour.

so sharing patches which definitely do or dont stop the shutdown will greatly help tracking down the error to the problematic nodes or settings.

we tracked down the problem of vvvv preventing windows from shutting down. reason for it was that some parts of the code using window handles didn’t interpret the shutdown message of windows properly. when windows wants to shutdown every top level window is asked if it’s ok to shutdown, if one window says no the whole shutdown procedure will be aborted.

so this behaviour should be fixed in the next release (>beta21).

Jippie. Thumbs up.