UV mapping Xfiles

Hi Everyone, it’s been a while since I’ve been here, I’m getting back into vvvv for a new project I’m experimenting with.

I’m trying to import a UV mapped texture & xfile mesh but cannot find any recent resources for converting a DAE to an xfile format. I’ve had a quick look at the documentation but allot of the exporters are out of date.
Does anyone have a recommendation to export a DAE to an xfile?

My aim is to re-project the cameras view on the model onto a realworld object with the option of manipulating the vertices with the mesh editor to “Pull corners into place”

Is there a better way to achieve this these days rather than using an exile mesh?



why not load the .dae directly using ColladaFile (EX9.Geometry)? also see Collada.

Ah great! Thanks Joreg, I had completely missed that!