Using TodoSequencer (TodoMap Animation)

I have been trying to play around with TodoSequencer (TodoMap Animation) and can’t really figure out how to use it. there is no help patch and it is pretty difficult to figure out.

I made a patch with questions, I wouldn’t mind cleaning it up to be a help patch once I understand how it works


SequenceTest.v4p (18.4 kB)

i got somewhere a working version at home, will check in eve
but yea looks quite wierd, might something not updated sine nobody using it
from what i know it’s used to record a controller so, might you try with it

Not far off, just put a stopwatch on the time input (since otherwise you always write data to time 0).

Also record/play are of course spreadable, so you can select which track you record.

ah ok, yea that’s helped, was reseting it and getting minus on time output, but yea now it works just as expected hehe

SequenceTest 1.v4p (19.7 kB)

I think this should do the desired if I understood everything correctly, but it doesn’t, at least here with me.

EDIT: I am using beta29.2 32bit

SequenceTest2.v4p (27.9 kB)

or do I need to load something before recording?

anyone, am I doing it right?

wierd, something seems wrong

I found that the save feature on both the TodoSeuencer and Sequencer advanced is isn’t working (Using Beta 30.1) Anyone got any bright ideas?

@Hadasi : make sure the folder where you write exists beforehand (it saves one file per track).

Beautiful, cheers.