Using [Queue]

Hi folks!
Im trying to get some sort of trail of a moving object. (either its a 3d object or a video texture)

The logical way for me is using Queue Transform (or Queue Texture according to the situation).But It makes a Queue of the inmediate frames.

Is there a way to make it look for other frames than the inmediate?

I guess I could make a really long quede and then getSlice, but when its workng with textures it gets reaaally slow.

Any idea?

hey parabola,

i am having the same problem so i press my thumb somebody can help,
also using your method with higer framecount and getslice.


it sounds to me like you’d simply have to activate the Insert of the Queue not every frame but only at a regular interval. or am i missing something?

Hey joreg, thats an aproach I’ve not think of. But, imagine that you want 3 textures with 1 sec. delay each, runing continuosly. you should store 180 (on a 60fps basis) frames and then getslice just the ones you want. Right?
I was just wondering if there was a way of storing just each 60th frame, avoiding storing a large amount of textures.

Anyway, It seems there is no that much of a performance drop.

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This is what I’ve come to. (11.1 kB)

if you want to have a continuous delay of course you have to store all the intermediate frames.

yes, that is what i described above. but in that case you don’t have a continuous delay anymore.

Many ways to do what Joreg said, here are 2 examples, 1 counting vvvvv frames (you need a steady mainloop for that) and the other one is simply banging the queue with an LFO set to a certain time interval. This will save you some performance, beacuse you are not filling up the queue all the time.

And perhaps Tonfilm’s is wjhat you are looking for.

myVideoDelayTestCase2.v4p (14.7 kB)