Using OSC and global channels

ResolumeTest.vl (10.3 KB)

Using the old OSC I can send and receive to resolume, I am trying to get that working with global channels, but I can’t work out what it wrong with my approach. Any Ideas where I am going wrong?
The value updates in the global browser, as expected, but resolume receives nothing, and gamma nothing from resolume.
I have also tried have the osc address as the channel name. Ticking the not sending/receiving buttons (what are they for?, can you not have both sending and receiving?)


Don’t have Resolume at hand to test but :

  • Looks like you’re using the OSC address as a Config Name. This is not their purpose : the OSC Config nodes basically define an endpoint (IP:Port) to which you give a name. I usually call them FromX, and ToX, which in your case would be FromResolume and ToResolume. Then, when setting up your bindings, you specify if you want to bind ToResolume or FromResolume, and there, at the GlobalChannel level, specify to which address you want to send/listen on.
  • I personally never use the Global Channel’s UI to setup binding, I rather create them programmatically using the Binding nodes. In your case, you would use the OSC Binding node, and there specify which OSC Config you’re using, and on which OSC Path the binding should be done


In my screenshot above, you can see that the GlobalChannel called Foo is bound to whatever is received From Resolume on address /something/from/resolume.

Hope that helps!


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Yes that works, and probably is a little easier to work with

I need to receive a no type osc message from resolume. I can’t think of a way of using the binding method, so added the old way of recieving osc. I have just tried that without the binding method and it works, so it seems I can’t mix and match to recieve osc
So how do I receive a no type message using binding, or is it not possible?
I need to listen to deck changes /composition/decks/1/select
/composition/decks/2/select etc so I can set blend modes for the decks

So I now have tried to receive the decks by midi cc. Which seem sporadic, maybe its Loop midi being flakey, but I’m sure I’m used it before with no issues. Here, on the right multiple controllers, doesn’t receive values every time I change decks, and sometimes double bangs when changing, on the left, it doesn’t receive any midi cc at all.
This all proving to be much harder than I thought it would be. Shouldn’t this be pretty basic?

HowTo React On Midi Controllers.vl (20.9 KB)

Ok, so midi channel 1 in resolume, is channel 0 in vvvv, I can get that, the left hand side now, shows some values, but not all, similar to the right hand side. Resolume does send all the deck change midi chanels for some reason, even when they havent changed when changing decks. But still this seems odd.

and Loopbe doesn’t work at all…

The solution of course is to do it like it was beta.