Using mouse with multiple renderers


just wondering why i never needed it before - but maybe i just forgot how it works…

lets say we have multiple renderers. is there an easy way to get back IF the mouse is hovering one of them (even if the mouse dont move) and i want to know which one (deviceID). of coure it should work without focus the renderer window :9

patching some weird “onchange (mousepos) + compare destop mouse vs window position” stuff is possible but not really nice…



You could create a full screen quad for each renderer and do a hittest on it. Then you know which renderer your mouse is overing.

hm ja of course but even then i dont know if the mouse is still hovering or not as the coordinates leave on last cursor postion if you move the mouse away (if you do it fast it could be somewhere in the middle of the window). i got a already a working solution using the render mouse pos on change multiflipflop and so on…l works but seems like a huge overload for such simple function. if there are some device information within .net / plugin interface one could create a output-pin on mouse node which outputs nil for not hovering any renderer or if so the device id - that should do it in any case…

see HandleFromPoint (Windows).

wow . didn’t know about this node. perfect. thanks!