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I am almost new to vvvv and I need some help to write a patch using Kinect 360, I want to simply just project some abstract visuals on the ground and when people enter there , they can distort those visuals and change them by walking and moving their bodies and hands… I’m looking for some examples ( patches) to learn how to do this …
I would appreciate if you help me and show me how I can use Kinect for simple changes in visuals

Hi, it’s not obvious you want your projection on the wall, or on the floor.
There are numerous ways of doing anything with kinect, you should try with skeleton first i think it’s most intuitive way to work with data inside vvvv.
You can track hand, feets or head with a Skeleton (Kinect) node.
Then there are shaders, shaders are basically draw graphics on screen, so you can modify shader program to work with data u provide. Basically you can use a player or depth map as a control texture to some shader.

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thanks a lot :)

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