Using git from vvvv

I got a very simple git.v4p that let me use git from vvvv. It is just an experiment but it works.

I would like to know if this method using git could be usefull also for other users specially those with no git knowledge.

Get this zip and try it.

The final goal is that every vvvv user could contribute to the addonpack, at least adding modules and writing help patches.

yes yes! it has long been a dream of mine to have sensible management of addons in v4 (from the user perspective - like apt and synaptic in debian-based linux). git would let us have this.
deep integration of version control into v4 would need some thinking, but it’s definitely a worthwhile avenue of research!

Hi dEp, by now we have a git.v4p that can init a git repository, (add origin and fetch upstream is missing, as well as setting global info like username and email) add files to the repo, commit and open a git shell to launch whatever git command.

You can practice with vvvv-patches repo if you want.

I think that the tricky part for vvvv users is to create and setup properly a github account (you need to generate an ssh key), since is also difficult to automate but it should be done only once (:.

I’m writing a tutorial in the “How to add patches.v4p”.

I discovered pretty casually how to wrap git in a vvvv patch, I was lucky but I don’t know if the trick works for other users. Practically it’s all in the file, if the .sh extension is associated with some sh.exe it works.

Well let me know if it works and which commands should be added. We also should ask devvvvs how to add stuff to the addonpack, I mean for example creating a branch and commit on it before doing the pull request … generally it is considered more polite to behave like that.

Advices from advanced users that already use git (elliot, vux, woei, etc) can lead us to put hour hands on the addonpack.

Imagine if users like kalle, dottore can use a version control system from vvvv … and all together can patch with them in addonpack modules!