Using Get slice beginner

I’m using a Cons (EX9.Texture) in an attempt to place 16 video textures together in a 4 by 4 grid.
I have a directory with 16 videos in it and I want to display each of these videos according to their number.
ie Video 0 will be in the top left corner, Video 1 to the right of that etc…

So far I’ve built it and the videos play back without stuttering, but every video is the same one? This makes sense because I use GetSlice and that only selects one video, but how do I get multiple slices I guess?

And can I randomise their positions?

Thnks in advance.

16Vids.v4p (13.6 kB)


there are some problems in your patch:

so, given this i’d try @ft))'s ((contribution:vlc-plugin-(beta)-a-new-audiovideo-player-to-texture-plugin which mentions it is spreadable. the theory could be to have something like: Dir -> VLCPlugin -> Quad. nothing more. see?

also instead of your Transform/Translate orgy check the helppatch of Cross (2d).

FileStream can play back only one video at the same time. you could try to use: vlc-plugin-(beta)-a-new-audiovideo-player-to-texture-plugin

but i doubt that 16 normal videos play back without frame drops, so keep the resolution of the videos very small and use a codec with very fast decompression. i would rather put the 16 videos together in one video…

and seeing your patch, you seem to miss some basics about spreads and how they propagate thru nodes, read here: of spreads and slices

Great thanks, I think I’ve got it.
Dir node into the VLc node into the Quad node, using the cross node plugged into the transform node into the quad node to space all the videos out.
Perfect! Thanks guys.

Here’s my next quest. I currently have Videos in this directory named Video_000.avi through to Video_015.avi.

What I want is that when a new video gets added to this direcotry ie Video_016.avi this will replace where Video_000.avi was and this would continue as videos are added to the directory. I’m getting there, but any tips to help me on my journey?

Thanks in advance.